This information is necessary before writing the first article:

Try modify existing articles first to see how editing on Wikipedia, and read good articles.
Look at Wikipedia before writing an article to make sure there is no story. Try the search without the definition and common Baltahjiat or translations possible.
Collect references for the information you want to add, free Valmqalat Trusted printed may be deleted.
Do not write articles about yourself or your friends or advertising pages or personal research.
Collect references from reliable sources printed; confirm the above.
Create a new page.
Indicate your sources and references and the importance of the article.
Try to take the opinion of other shareholders the Palmqalh you want to create, for example, in the discussion pages of projects or gates in the Wikipedia.
Thought creates the draft article in the sub-page of the scope of your user (you must have an account on Wikipedia) and take the views of other shareholders in the content and good documentation and coordination. After the page is ready for publication can be transferred to the scope of the articles.
Remember that if you wrote an article violates policies in force, it will be deleted quickly slashed the most part, as there is in the Wikipedia system to review the new pages, where users review articles shortly after its inception. Very likely to delete articles that violate policy Almlhozih and undocumented information from reliable independent sources.


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