Ten Tips healthy

Ten Tips healthy 100%

* Be sure to eat a full morning to do your job with vigor and vitality, that includes a cup of milk fresh milk.

* Eating an apple a day with a spoonful of honey after breakfast half an hour (Eating an apple a day independent of means for the doctor.

* Mark of fruit and vegetables and plant foods largest share of your food and reduced meat so long age.

* All fruit without a knife because nibbling process strengthens teeth and clean it.

* Do not go overboard in the food and avoid satiety, and Mark third stomach of food, and one-third of the water, and a third of the air - guide us to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.

* Do not drink, but you're sitting on three times.

* Taken you amusing pastime, as they ensure you eternal youth.

* Mark of sports exercises a portion of your time is renewed vigor and vitality, and gives you a true body. "

* Do not think of a disease that befall you, treat your hands, and beyond the idea of the disease completely from your mind. "

* That premature aging one way ", is the boredom and emptines
Finally, "I wish you health Thio happy life full of vigor and vitality


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