Take care your body in winter

With the entry of the winter season rates increase hit us cold and flu, but do you know any of us that there are foods to fight colds, already there are foods to fight colds and cold, here are the most important of these foods sure to be addressed to avoid colds and flu:

• Soup:
When you feel the beginning of the symptoms of a cold and flu, you Absorb chicken, they are useful; because Chicken Soup reduce symptoms by 50%. This is because the cooked chicken secreted amino acids cytokine, which contribute to the treatment of bronchitis.

• oats and grains:
Eating grain crushed Kalshovan, wheat, and other whole grains, which provide three nutrients proven its ability to improve immunity, Try to eat daily in contributing to protect the body from any symptoms and colds.

• Orange:
If you want to contribute to the natural elements to fight colds and flu, you oranges is very useful components of the body when colds This is in addition to the sweet peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi.

There is no doubt that the comfort is also considered one of the important factors to feel better when colds next food fight colds and cold that we have mentioned.


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