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Lips Beauty Tip
How to Get Super Pouty Lips
submitted: November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian
Having a hard time trying to achieve sexy super pouty lips? Here are a few steps in order to achieve this look that pairs perfectly with a dark smokey eye or a simple clean fresh look!
What you will need: lip balm; lip primer/lip erase/ foundation/concealer; lip pencil; lipstick and lip gloss.
First of all you want a clean canvas much like how you use foundation to achieve an even and clean look on your face as a whole; you want to do the same with your lips. Since most people do their lips last, start with applying a clear lip balm on your lips before applying the rest of your makeup so that your lips will be nice and moist and soft and ready to go once you get to this last step in your routine. I like to use Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal Sunscreen/Lip Protectant. You can use whatever lip balm treatment you would like for this step. You can also use MAC’s Lip Conditioner in a jar or tube.
Once you are ready to begin you will want to wipe the excess lip balm off your lips so that you can apply a lip primer/lip erase such as one from MAC Cosmetics or Urban Decay. You can skip this step if you want or you can even use your regular foundation/powder. The point of this step is to even out the color and texture of your lips, and create an even base so that your lip color has something to stick to. Again if you don’t want to do this step you don’t have to. Some people find this step unnecessary or too drying on the lip.
Using the right lip pencil is crucial at this stage. Even if you are only applying lip gloss defining your lip can save you from the lip gloss or lipstick from bleeding outside of the lines and in the case of lip gloss it can save you from looking like you are drooling. Not a good look on anyone! If you are going for a super clean look you will want to choose a pencil that is a nude or light pink and for a darker look you may want to venture into a purple or even a black pencil (you can use a black eyeliner pencil if you are going for a black or dark wine color).
Start by lining your top lip first. Use light feathering strokes to outline your lip. Begin with your cupids bow. You don’t need to go outside your natural lip line for this look. Instead of over-emphasizing the cupids bow try to make the lines more of a straight line or slightly curved line rather than a strict ‘V’ shape. This is more flattering on most people. Also at the corners you might want to slightly draw the line inwards to draw more attention to your bottom lip.
Next outline your bottom lip. This is where you can over-emphasize your natural lip line, but be careful to only do this in the center of the lip. Don’t forget to line the corners and then fill your lips in entirely. *note this is very important to do if you have not used some sort of primer or base
Once you have finished lining your lips you can move onto the lipstick. You can use the tube or a brush for this step. All depends on your comfort level. Using a lip brush is sometimes easier to use when you are manipulating your lip line (e.g. exaggerating your natural lip line or making the lip line look smaller; which we are doing both for this look); but if you are comfortable just using the lipstick itself that is fine as well. You will want to use a darker lipstick than lipgloss, or use a clear lipgloss if you are going for a nude lip, or even a slightly lighter nude or pink gloss. You will want to avoid glittery glosses. Also using a matte finished lipstick works best for this look. MAC has the Mattene lipsticks that work great for this and Rimmel has some excellent glosses including a black gloss that will work if you are using a matte black or purple lipstick.
Once you have the lipstick applied its time for the gloss. You don’t want to put this all over the lips, just in the center of the lip on both the top and bottom. Just purse your lips together a few times and do the finger trick in order to keep lipstick off your teeth.
If you happen to have lip piercings everything is the same except for the lining of the lips as you may have to line around the actual piercing. Try to keep the center of the lip line thicker than the sides and make sure to wipe the jewelry off so that there isn’t product all over the rings so the look doesn’t turn into a gooey mess!
Last step is to use concealer with a small brush to clean up your lip line ever so lightly which also helps to keep your lips looking fresh and crisp. Do this lastly to define the line more. You can still skip this step if you wish but it really can make a huge difference. Voila you are done and your pouty lips will surely get noticed!
Relatively simple but can add a polished sexy dramatic look to anyone’s lips and overall style!
Until Next Time, Keep on Rawkin!
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Hair Beauty Tip
dimensional look.
Top 4 Hair Styles
submitted: February 7, 2011
Every year brings a new collection of trendy hair styles. There are 4 types of styles this year that will be popular: They include wavy hairstyles, hair styles with layers, hairstyles with bangs and the bob hair style.
Wavy – This hair style features soft, bouncy waves all over. Create this hairstyle by first applying a curl-enhancing cream or gel and a heat protectant to damp hair. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and just your fingers to shape and position the hair. Once the hair is completely dry, you can add all over waves using a medium barrel curling iron. Roll up small sections of hair in the curling iron and hold in a vertical position for about 20-30 seconds, or until the hair in the curling iron feels hot to the touch.
Layers- Layers are a great addition to any haircut. They help to add movement to a style, reduce bulkiness and can sometimes make styling easier. If you have extra frizzy or thick hair, you will want to go with very long layers as short layers do not work well with frizzy hair. A very popular trend today is to get a short to medium length haircut with very long layers added throughout. The short shag hairstyle, similar to Meg Ryan’s in Harry met Sally, is making a comeback this year. It has that heavy layered- looks like you grabbed the scissors and started cutting your hair every which way-look that can be worn in a short or medium length.
Bangs – Hair bangs, like layers, are a great addition to any haircut. The most popular type is the side-swept bang. These bangs are longer, past the eyebrow, and are styled swept off to one side of the face for a very flattering look. There is also the full bang, short and choppy bang and the fringe bangs. Fringe bangs are just a hint of bang and are the best type of bang to start with if you have never had bangs before. Create the piecey bangs look quickly by applying a small amount of pomade to the ends of the hair.
Bobs – The bob is still a very popular style. Although bob trendsetters Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes no longer wear bob hairstyles, this type of cut is still popular because of its flattering appearance and easy style-ability. There are many different versions of the bob, including the inverted bob, short, medium and long length bobs. Adding highlights or lowlights to the bob haircut can create a more


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